World Flags – Switzerland’s Incredible Contribution for COVID-19

Instead of raising a flag on a flagpole, Switzerland pays tribute to its foreign neighbors battling COVID-19. This country is projecting numerous world flags on the front of the most famous Alpine mountains. 

World Flags
Spain flag projected on the Alpine mountain

The light artist Gerry Hofstetter was commissioned with different national flags to illuminate the iconic Matterhorn mountain in Zermatt. Mr. Gerry wanted to demonstrate solidarity with countries hardest hit by the novel coronavirus. 

Since March 24, the Matterhorn has displayed flags of various countries like France, US, India, Japan, Germany, the Uk, Portugal, Spain, and many others. 

By displaying the world flags, Zermatt wants to give the people in tough times a sign of hope and solidarity. Also, the village expresses solidarity with all the people who are struggling at the moment and is thankful to all those who help solve the crisis. 

World Flags
American flag on the top of the epic mountain

People of America were especially impressed by the gesture. The Zermatt website had published a photo of the Star-Spangled Banner. Photography has noted “ As it stands, the US is one of the countries which has the highest number of cases reported and has been most affected by the COVID-19 crisis. At this unparalleled moment, our thoughts are with all the American people.”

“May our message express unity, optimism, and power to you,” Zermatt added. At the foot of the Matterhorn, we are looking forward to meeting you again. We are all united in this.

World Flags
Zermatt has projected the Japan flag on the Alpine mountain

Zermatt Matterhorn has posted the projection of flags on their Instagram page writing a caption: “We send you a sign of hope from Matterhorn

World Flags

Also, Zermatt Matterhorn shared the projected flag of the France on the Instagram.

World Flags

Matterhorn has taken a great intivate of projecting various countries flags on the iconic Alpine mountain. He his spreading positivity, hope, and power to each country. Man behind the great idea, the Zermatt Matterhorn.

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