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Indian Startup Converts Bicycle into Electric Cycle in 20 minutes

More than 58% of commuters in India use a normal Bicycle. Most of them may not be in a position to afford an upgrade to a motor bike. Gursaurabh Singh, an entrepreneur saw a huge opportunity in this and invented a device that converts a normal bicycle into an electric cycle or electric bike in just about 20 minutes.

The revolutionary idea created by Gursaurabh Singh through his startup Dhruv Vidyut has hit the internet by storm as he released a video promo of the trial runs he made using his invention. In the video, he demonstrates how seemlessly the converted electric cycle moves around. The video also shows stress tests to demonstrate accident proof, fire-proof and water-proof features of this invention. Watch the video on Electric Cycle by Dhruv Vidhyut with telugu narration. Scroll down if you can watch Dhruv Vidyut original video without any narration.

In about 20 minutes, a normal bicycle can be converted into electric cycle by just fixing the device just above the pedal through glove-like hooks in what we can call it as bolt-on fit model. It does not require welding, cutting or any modification to the old bicycle. As simple as it is, the device has ignition switch, a throttle and a battery indicator. Moreover, there is an inlet to charge the battery and also USB outlet to let you charge your phone!

Gursaurabh Singh in the video suggested that the Electric Cycle can carry upto 170 Kgs and at a top speed of 25 kmph. This is particulary a boon for those who are struggling to keep pace with the growing economy and are unable to afford a motor bike.

Indian inventors, particularly those at the grassroot level need sustainability models to scale it up. With nearly 8 crore bicyles this startup idea has a high probabilty of being financially viable.

Taking India on a sustainability path, the indigineous grassroot inventors like Gursaurabh Singh are going an extra mile to convey that not all inventions require huge capital and large teams. Small inventions that solve problems of millions of Indians are more worthy than any startup.

The company Dhruv Vidyut can be contacted using these details:

  • WhatsApp: +91-9205866479
  • Instagram: dhruvvidyutdv
  • Facebook DhruvVidyut
  • Twitter: Dhruvvidyut

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