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GHG Emissions are expected to decline by 8% in 2020

This year, Global demand for energy(GHG Emissions) is predicted to fall by 6 percent. The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest blow to the global economy in over seven decades. But recent research shows that outbreaks are likely to lead to a historic 8% decrease in carbon emissions per year.


A new study published by the International Energy Agency this week offers a near real-time analysis the unprecedented effects of coronavirus.

IEA forecasts that oils and gas are hit badly. But coal demand could drop by an incredible 8 per-cent , the biggest decline since World War II.

The IEA’s Global Energy Assessment, based on an overview of more than 100 days of real data so far. This year, provides forecasts of how energy demand and carbon dioxide (CO2) emission patterns are likely to change.

Decrease In GHG Emissions

During the previous unparalleled slump in electricity use, only renewables are keeping up “said Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive director of IAE.
It might be too soon to assess the longer-term effect. But the energy market that emerges from the crisis will vary substantially from the one that came before.

The IEA says the emission would reduce adverse greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change. This year by nearly 8 percent climate changes which could be the largest decline report.


The study predicts energy demand will fall by 6 percent in 2020- seven times the downturn since the global financial crisis of 2008.

For example, the IEA found that every month of lockdown at the rates seen in early April. It reduces global annual energy demand by about 1.5 percent.
Also, total lockdown forced down demand for electricity by 20 percent or more, with the minor impacts from partial lockdowns.

At the same time, lockdown steps push a big shift towards low-carbon energy sources like wind, solar photovoltaics, hydropower, and nuclear power.

The IEA warns that as the economy recovers, pollution will boom, unless countries concentrate their economy recovery packages on improving renewable energy.

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