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Women setting trend with crazy eyebrows on Instagram

Every time something different which caught everyone’s attention makes the trend. And nowadays women are posting their photographs with weird eyebrows in Social media. 

These days, there are around 1,000 possible ways to pamper our supercilia. But ‘McDonald’s brows’ take the cake as the craziest sharp-up thing humans have seen before. And to be perfectly frank, we don’t even have wiggly browsing yet.

It all began when the queen of the beauty bloggers, Huda Kattan, posted a new video tutorial for Instagram’s easy-food-inspired look. 

What tends to happen when a popular social media celebrity does something about it? And all of her followers are doing the same thing.

You might tell that fans of Huda were, well, ‘lovin’ it,’ as many looks of ‘McDonald’s brow’ began to pop up in response to her image.

This whole thing is a major satirical joke which Huda created. She did this to parody the almost infinite collection of strange and unorthodox eyebrow ‘trends’ that wash through the Web.

Here are some pics which will drive you crazy

And now another trend comes on the way. What is happening now is this bizarre new eyebrow trend called feather eyebrows is being tried by women.

The stuff of the past is plucking or shaving eyebrows. The eyebrows are raised in this new trend and neaten up to make it look like a feather.

This unusual phenomenon appears to have been started by Helsinki, a Finnish makeup artist. She posted a picture of herself a few days ago with strangely patterned eyebrows that she proudly calls a new trend. 


Since she posted the photo, Women all over the world try this procedure on their eyebrow and uploading the pictures with the hashtags #feather eyebrows.

Many trends come and go, but this one is attracting women and making them style their eyebrows. Let’s wait and see how long the trend goes on. 

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