MBBS Full Form? How do Hyderabadi answer Street Quiz questions?

StreetQ, our newest name on YouTube is a channel that promises to raise Street Quotient. We believe that a society or a community that we live in has higher IQ than the sum of the individuals IQ in it. The YouTube viewers is a huge community with a IQ that is pretty high. When the viewers watch others individuals on the street answer tough questions, the collective IQ is amused over the individual IQ. The

Okay, lets not to go deep into our philosophic thinking. Street Quotient (or StreetQ) will aim at producing Street Quizzes, capturing amazing Street Arts, showing the delicacies of Street Kitchens or Street Foods and even more. How about Street Dance? So wait and watch what’s in store. Meanwhile… we had our first Street Quiz episode published on YouTube.

Presenting to you here is StreetQ’s first ever episode on Street Quiz. We conducted the first episode in Hyderabad.

The questions we asked appear to be easy but are they really easy? Check out these questions:

  1. What is the full form of MBBS
  2. Most of us misspell the word Vacuum. Some say Vacum, Vaccum and what not. So what’s the correct spelling of Vacuum?
  3. A math tricky question that goes like this: “When I am 2 year old, my brother is half of my age. If I become 10 year old, what is the age of my brother?”
  4. What is the largest organ of human body?
  5. What does G stand for in 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G?

None of them could answer all correctly. Some answered most questions but not all. Let us see for the next episode where the people on the Street face a new Street Quiz Challenge.

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