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Beekeeper records electronic music with Honeybees

While many young people might be on the top 40 lists of the week for whatever pop singers are. But this beekeeper has made a name for himself by using electronic music to create awareness of the decreasing population of honeybees. 


Bees are in trouble, they are dying because of human interference. They are disappearing day by day by day. Our planet needs them. But the man, the beekeeper has chosen a way to spread awareness among people by the electronic music created with his hives to save bees. The man using data from Bee sounds to help raise awareness.

He performs various experimental electronic music to save them. Not only one, but all of his electronic music has been created using sounds from inside his very own hives that he has registered. 

Music of Bees

The famous London-based beekeeper and musician Bioni Samp has been using his instruments for testing and documenting the different sounds of his honey bee hives for the last 20 years.   

Bioni says he always wears a vintage bee suit because he wants people to concentrate on his music. All his music is based around the sound of bees. 

Bioni uses homemade equipment to extract the different sounds and frequencies of honeybees. 

According to Bioni’s observations, the queen bee has a high-pitched sound. And the workers have a medium-pitched sound. Coming to drones, they have a very low-pitched sound. 

Bioni records all the samples of bees and puts them into his synthesizer, and then plays them as life when he performs. 

Well, he hopes that enough people will be moved by his music to consider their impact and bee population. Bioni thinks that the sound of bees connected to people, it’s quite emotional. That might be the reason people got interested in bees through their sound and the technology side. People would have been interested in saving bees. 

Then Bioni combines the sounds to create experimental music which bees play entirely. Bioni sincerely hopes his music will help young people to think about their impact on the pollinators who are struggling. 

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