Will You Marry SRK – Amazing Reply by Kajol

Amazing reply by Kajol when One of the fans asked her that if she had not met her husband Ajay Devgn, she would have married her good friend and co-star in many films, the Shah Rukh Khan. 

Amazing reply by Kajol

Kajol is an active user on Social Media and usually interacts with her fans. Recently she planned an interactive Q&A session on Instagram for her fans. Many questions were asked in the Q&A. Few of them are “ Your Favourite Mam”, “ Favourite Hollywood actor”, “One word about SRK” and many more. Kajol answered most of the questions because she didn’t want to disappoint her fans. But one of the questions asked by Kajol’s fan caught everyone’s attention. The question was “would you marry SRK If u didn’t meet Ajay? U said u will answer everything”. Kajol didn’t want to disappoint her fans, so she answered: “Isn’t the man supposed to be proposing.

Amazing reply by Kajol

Also, one of the fans asked her in a Q & A session, “Describe your best friend Shah in one word”. And the replay she gave them was “Iconic. ” 

Surely Kajol would have expected a question like this would come up with her fans. Because, they both have acted together in many hit films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge, My Name Is Khan, and many more. Both SRK and Kajol hit a super cute Jodi in the Bollywood industry and as friends in real lives. Without any doubt, they both make the best iconic on-screen Jodi. 

Amazing reply by Kajol

Coming to the Q&A interaction on Instagram, most of the questions were about SRK. Like “Upcoming Movie with SRK”. Kajol’s reply was “Ask SRK”. Isn’t the reply funny? More questions like, “As co-star Ajay sir or SRK”. She answered, “Depends upon the situation”. 

Kajol’s fan also asked her who was her first crush? However, Kajol said she married her first crush Ajay Devgn. And, also Kajol described the bond between her and SRK, as they both are “friends for life”.   

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